Stacked (160): Ontario Teen Book Fest Edition

April 3, 2017 Stacked, Thuy 0

Hello and welcome to Stacked, a weekly (usually) post where I discuss what books I’ve recently bought, borrowed or received. This week’s post is all about Ontario Teen Book Fest. OTBF is a really fun local event that I try to get to every year. This year I was lucky and my friend A was already planning to drive out there so all I had to do was get in the car.  We had a ton of fun meeting a great group of YA authors. I was very good this year and only picked up a couple of books. Even though I have moved everything now I am still in that stage of wanted to downsize so I am buying way fewer books than I used to. But there were a couple that I couldn’t resist.


What Girls Are Made of by Elana K Arnold – This is a contemporary novel about a young woman who is trying to figure out what the terms of love are after her boyfriend breaks up with her and she finds herself a little lost. After hearing Arnold speak at the festival, I really wanted to read one of her books. They actually had this one about a week before its release date so I picked it up.

Sacrifice by Cindy Pon – This is the second book in the Serpentine series. I am always a fan of Pon’s historical fantasy stories and wanted to get a hard copy of this one signed by her. I haven’t read Serpentine yet but now that I have both I will be moving it up my TBR list.

Thanks, OTBF for an awesome day. Thanks A for driving. We also stopped by The Donut Man in Glendora on the way home, which was fantastic. I’ll leave you with the image below. Let me know what awesome books you guys have been into lately.