Beat the Backlist Challenge

February 7, 2017 Reading Challenge 4

It’s me again. Wow more than one post this week. I think that must be a new recent record. I am stopping by today to talk about a reading challenge that I just joined. My friend K at The Windy Pages joined the same challenge earlier this year and I am shamelessly jumping on the bandwagon. Novel Knight are hosting Beat the Backlist, a year long reading challenge that is all about catching up on that backlist of books. I buy books all the time and am super excited about them, only to put them aside for newer, shinier things. This challenge will help me focus on really getting to those books that have been sitting on my shelf for way too long. Below is the short list of what I plan to read. I’ll probably add more to it as the year goes on but for now, this will do.

Friday Society by Adrienne Kress – finished Feb 2017
Graceling by Kristen Cashore
The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead
I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson
Falling Kingdoms series by Morgan Rhodes
Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig

What unread books have been on your bookshelf for a long time?


4 Responses to “Beat the Backlist Challenge”

  1. Lucy

    Great idea for a challenge! Love shopping the shelves, though you’re right that the new shiny releases are so tempting. Yay for The Fiery Heart! I miss that series.

  2. kimberlybuggie

    GO GO GO! :) Um, I’m not doing that well.. but I’m hoping I catch up. There’s a challenge for the month of April for ARCs but I’m not sure if I can only commit to ARCs.

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