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January 26, 2016 Stacked, Thuy 2

Hello and welcome to Stacked, a weekly (usually) post where I discuss what books I’ve recently bought, borrowed or received. This week’s book haul comes courtesy of Macmillan. They have a really great lineup of books coming out in the next few months and I was very excited to receive the books below for review.



The Gilded Cage
by Lucinda Gray – Besides having a beautiful cover, this book is described as “A historical psychological suspense and murder mystery for teens, with all the trappings of Downton Abbey.” Doesn’t it already sound fantastic? I love historical novels and mystery and think this one is going to be really fun.

A Week of Mondays by Jessica Brody – Brody makes a return to contemporary YA with this novel a teen who has to re-live the day over and over again. I am a fan of Brody’s humor and am looking forward to this one.

The Way to Game the Walk of Shame by Jen P. Nguyen – This is part of the Swoon Reads imprint and is about a teen who gets a bad rep after she gets drunk at a party and wakes up next to the school bad boy. In order to salvage her reputation, she convinces him to pretend that they are actually a couple. It’s always fun in stories where two people pretend to be together and then actually fall in love. I may read this in February in honor of Valentine’s Day.

All the Feels by Danika Stone – I actually don’t like the term “all the feels” but this book had a really cute premise. Devastated over the death of her favorite fictional character, Liv starts an online campaign to bring him back to life.

The Square Root of Summer by Harriet Reuter Hapgood – This debut YA novel is said to have time travel, quantum physics, and sweeping romance. How could I say no to all of those things?

Those are the books that will be keeping me busy for the next few months? What’s new in your book queue?

  • I’ve had my eye on The Gilded Cage for the longest time now and I’m so jealous that you already own a copy! Happy reading and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on it. :)

    • Thanks, Kayla. It looks very intriguing and the cover is very pretty. I hope to start it soon.