Trailer: Preacher

November 10, 2015 Comics/Graphic Novels, Movie/TV Trailer, Movies & TV 0


The first trailer for AMC’s Preacher premiered last week. The show is based on a popular comic book series from the 90’s. I was a really big fan of the series as a teen and was excited to hear that someone was actually going to try to adapt it for television.  It’s really hard to describe this series but it’s about a Texas preacher, Jesse Custer, who becomes joined with Genesis, a being who is the result between a demon and an angel. Through Genesis, Custer gains powers that basically allow him to make people do whatever he wants. He goes on a journey to find God, who has left Heaven, to hold him accountable for his actions.  That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It all sounds a bit crazy, and it is, but in an awesome way.

This trailer is really just a teaser and you don’t get a lot of the plot, and I can’t tell yet how close to the comic it will be. Dominic Cooper is an interesting choice for the lead. He’s not who I would expect but I am interested to see him in the role. Also love the tiny glimpse of Cassidy at the end of the clip.

Anyone else familiar with this series? If not, would you watch it based on this trailer? I’d be interested in what people unfamiliar with the series think of it. :)