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November 23, 2015 Stacked 3


Hello and welcome to Stacked, a weekly (usually) post where I discuss what books I’ve recently bought, borrowed or received. Sorry it’s been so quiet on the block the last or two. I’ve been a really busy bee and my reading has been kind of slow lately. I went to Florida last weekend, which was humid but fun. Unfortunately I did not get a ton of reading done on the trip. I get motion sick so I am really envious of all you people who can read or do anything during a plane ride. Most of my air time was spent trying to sleep and/or not throw up. Fun times, y’all. I came back to a really exciting week of book signings. Two of my most favorite authors were in town and I was lucky enough to be able to see them. Let’s move on to the books, shall we?


Winter by Marissa Meyer – I’ve been waiting to read this one for AGES. Winter is the final book in The Lunar Chronicles series which, if you didn’t already know, is an amazing sci-fi/fantasy young adult series based on classic fairy tales. I already started this one and it’s really good so far. :)



Soundless by Richelle Mead – Sorry for this less than stellar picture, but I went to the Richelle Mead signing in Santa Monica last week and it was great. Love her to bits and her new book Soundless sounds fantastic. It’s based on Chinese mythology and is about a young adult book about a young woman who lives in a village in which none of the inhabitants can hear.  One day she wakes up with hearing and then of course has to defend her village from impending doom.




Nuts by Alice Clayton – This is a new series from Alice Clayton (author of the Wallbanger series). This was on super sale last week for Kindle so I decided to give it a go. This is about a chef who, after a scandal, takes a job back at home and meets an attractive local organic farmer. I liked Wallbanger a lot and enjoy anything involving food, and this sounded like a very cute read.

What books are in your mailbox this week?

  • can’t wait to read Nuts. I am going to read Wallbanger first though. YAY!

  • I didn’t know you went to Florida- how fun! I’d love to go back and do Disney World again. Does Richelle Mead remember you at signings? :) Hope you enjoy Soundless. I started listening to it just recently. Did she giveaway that ARC of The Glittering Court? Nuts does look like a cute read! I need to track that one down. Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • Hi Lucy! Florida was nice but I didn’t get to go to Disney World or HP World. Good thing HP is opening up here next year. :)

      I am sure I must look familiar to Richelle and my name is probably unique, though I don’t know if she remembers me specifically. Shemust see so many people. She did give away one ARC of The Glittering Court. Sadly I did not win. hope you had a good Thanksgiving, Lucy!