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September 3, 2015 bloggy business, Crystal 2


Hi, everyone. I am really excited to introduce a new member to the Nite Lite ranks. I have known Crystal from Books Unbound for a few years now and we can often be found hanging out at bookish events together. I was super excited when she approached me about possibly contributing to Nite Lite. We have similar taste in books I always love hearing about what Crystal is reading. This will also (hopefully) mean more reviews for you guys. I know I am not the most prolific writer and having a little help will mean more content for you. Without further delay, here is Crystal!



Hello readers! My name is Crystal and I’m so excited to be joining Nite Lite Book Reviews! Thuy and I have been friends for a few years now and we actually met though blogging! I used to run a YA book blog called Books Unbound but since I’ll be tying the knot in a few months, I just don’t have the time that it deserves. Since I started that blog almost 6 years ago, my reading interests have also changed and I find myself reading less and less YA than I used to. Becoming a contributing writer on Nite Lite will allow me the freedom to explore my evolving reading interests, not feel overly committed and still feel a part of the reading community that I love so much!

Although I have been a reader for as long as long as I can remember, Harry Potter and Twilight really sparked my reading addiction! I currently enjoy fantasy, magical realism, historical fiction, horror, mystery, true crime and literary fiction (so pretty much everything). Some of my favorite series include Outlander, Throne of Glass, Kate Daniels, Vampire Academy, Harry Potter and the Ruth Galloway mystery series! When I’m not reading I enjoy knitting, watching TV, listening to podcasts, hanging with the neighborhood cats and going to Disneyland. You can find me on Instagram @crystalbooksnob!

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Thanks, Crystal and welcome to the team!


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  1. Lucy

    Welcome, Crystal! Yay for co-blogging :) I’m a fan of Outlander, Throne of Glass, and VA too and look forward to reading your reviews here on Nite Light.

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