My Name is Crystal and I’m an Addict: Outlander

September 18, 2015 Crystal, Discussions, Fantasy, Historical Romance, Movies & TV, Romance 10

Hey guys! Crystal here. I haven’t decided if this post is a cry for help or just a chance for me to fangirl over Outlander to anyone who will listen. I don’t know if “My Name is Crystal and I’m an Addict” is going to be a semi-regular thing where I tell you guys what I’m currently obsessed with but I just had to write up this post because I have fallen down an Outlander rabbit hole and I can’t get out (not that I want to either!).



I, like some fans, had read part of the book by Diana Gabeldon and knew about Outlander before talks of the Starz TV show. So of course, I was super excited when the show was being previewed! I watched, loved it and had withdrawals during the little break between part 1 and part 2 of the season. But at least at the end of the season I looked forward to reading the second book, Dragonfly in Amber, before the second season was released. The first half or so of Dragonfly in Amber can be a little slow so I had no problem pacing myself while reading. A chapter here one day and another chapter or two a few days later. But then something happened…..and I LITERALLY COULD NOT STOP READING!!!!!!!!! And now I’m halfway through Voyager (the third book) and I still can’t stop!!!!!! I should have done the dishes last night, but I read. I should have worked on wedding things, but I read. I should have gone to my boot camp workout class, but I read!!!! I cannot get enough of Jamie and Claire!


Outlander 2014


So… is what I’ve been doing to supplement my reading while the show is on break:

1. I bought Season1, Vol. 1 of Outlander on DVD which has the first eight episodes so I can watch them again. Duh! But I also bought it because I found a really awesome podcast called The Scot and the Sassenach produced by StoryWonk. The hosts of the show, Alastair and Lani, dissect every episode and talk about all the little bits and pieces that I might have missed the first two times I watched them. Season 1, Vol. 2 will be released at the end of September on DVD in which watching the episodes and listening to the podcast. In the meantime, that brings me to…..

2. I have found another Outlander podcast literally called The Outlander Podcast and this one is hosted by two Outlander obsessed fans, Summer and Ginger. I really like The Outlander Podcast because they are currently reading through Dragonfly in Amber and doing a podcast episode per chapter. Which is good for me because I just finished Dragonfly in Amber and it’s nice to listen to them pick out all the little things that I missed while reading as fast as I could because I had to know how it ended.

3. I shamelessly stalk. I check both Outlander TV News and the Official Starz Outlander on Twitter daily! I stalk both Sam and Caitriona on Instagram and even though there hasn’t been a release date yet for season 2, as least they’re giving us images of them filming it! If you are a big fan, as I am, and you would like to see some of those images and the beautiful costumes they’ve come up with, you can visit Outlander TV News’ website!

Clearly my addiction and obsession has reached new heights in the past couple weeks. It’s a problem, I know, and the first step is admitting it. But hey, it’s not a bad problem to have! Jamie is all things hot and charming and loyal and totally swoon worthy and certainly has a way with words in both the books and the TV show! At the rate I’m reading, I’ll most likely have all the released books read by the new year! Then I can go back and really savor my favorite parts! Season 2 and 2016 is not all that far away and until then fellow Outlander fans, stay strong, read the books and watch season 1 over and over and over again!

  • Lee @shewolfreads

    I absolutely loved the first book and got stuck on the second book. I just couldn’t get past the first few chapters. It seems it gets better. Must try again! Does the series follow the book order meaning is season two covering the second book? I think I could easily get sucked into the addiction.

    • Julie Kuntz

      Not sure how closely season 2 will follow DIA. Ron Moore said to expect a few changes and tweaks just due to the transition from book to tv….but he’s a fan so the basic story line will be there. Also not sure if they will only focus on DIA or if some of Voyager will be included.

      Once you get into Diana’s writing style, she often jumps ahead in time and then goes back and fills in the details. IF you persevere, you will be rewarded!!!

      • I love that the creators of the TV show are also fans of the book! I’ve heard that Ron Moore’s wife is a super fan and really wants him to make it as accurate as possible lol! I agree that once you really commit yourself to the books and the story, the reader is greatly rewarded! Oh I just love chatting Outlander! Hoping to have more Outlander discussions in the future when season 2 starts! Thanks for stopping by Nite Lite Book Review!

    • I also found the second book to be a little slow in the beginning. But once you reach about half way through, it gets so intense and so good that it’s impossible to stop! I’ve heard rumor that the show is trying to do only 1 book per season and if they’re able to stick to it, then it’s going to be awesome! Thank for stopping by Nite Lite Book Review!

  • Sugar & Snark

    I LOVED the first book and season 1. I’m scared to read book 2 because I think I will also do nothing but read! And my Masters needs to be written lol

    • If you LOVED book 1 then you definitely have to read book 2! But I would suggest finishing your master’s thesis before starting book 2 because once you jump down that rabbit hole it’s hard to get out lol! For me, starting book 2 was finally committing to the series. Good luck with school and thanks for stopping by Nite Lite!

      • Sugar & Snark

        Will put it down as a must read when I finish my thesis then :D

  • Hello fellow Outlander addict! (I already bought the 2016 calendar) I stopped reading after book three but need to get back to it. (Those books are soooo long!)
    You are making me really want to check out these Outlander podcasts. Love this post!

    • OMG I’ve already thought about buying the 2016 calendar! Don’t know how my fiancé will feel about shirtless Jamie being on our fridge tho lol! It’s funny that you say you stopped at book 3 because I literally just finished book 3 last night! Of course I’m just going to plug right along into Drums of Autumn. What I like about the read-along podcasts the most is that they point out things that I miss because I read them so fast! I hope you check them out!

    • I had no idea that there was a calendar. Nice!