What Does the Bookworm Say? Book World I’d Like To Live In

June 27, 2015 Discussions, Thuy, What Does the Bookworm Say 0



Hi and welcome to What Does the Bookworm Say?, a feature where I discuss bookish topics with my friends at The Reader’s AntidoteBooks Unbound and The Windy Pages. Each week, we will discuss a new bookish topic. This week’s topic is: If I could live in any book world, which one would I choose?

This post is a week late, but better late than never. This is kind of a tough question for me. I read a lot of books that have danger and peril which are very fun to read about, but would not be very fun to live in. With my luck, even if I did end up in a cool world, I’d be one of the people left without any cool powers or strengths. However, to play the game, I think I would have fun living in the Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead world. This is all imaginary so I would like to be a dhampir because they learn how to kick butt from an early age on but still get to do cool things and hang out with vampires. I would also love to be a wizard on the Harry Potter world. I would love to live in a world where magic exists. Sure, fighting an evil lord who wants to take over the world would put a damper on things, but it would still be pretty awesome.

Do you guys have a favorite world you’d like to live in? Are they all as fraught with peril as my choices?


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