What Does the Bookworm Say?: Reading Snacks

February 28, 2015 Discussions, Thuy, What Does the Bookworm Say 2


Hi and welcome to What Does the Bookworm Say?, a feature where I discuss bookish topics with my friends at The Reader’s AntidoteBooks Unbound and The Windy Pages. Each week, we will discuss a new bookish topic. This week’s topic is: what is your favorite snack or drink to have while reading?

My answer for this is going to be pretty short. I wish I could say that I had a cute little ritual where I had the perfect cup of tea and a cookie each time I sat down to read but, the reality is I usually plop down to read on my couch or bed each night without any kind of prep. I mean I’ll get up to get a snack if I get hungry but I don’t tend to eat while I am reading unless I am out at a restaurant or cafe by myself. I’ll snack on something if it’s handy while I am reading but I don’t always like to because I don’t want to risk getting food on my book.  I am less afraid of this when I read on my Kindle but I still don’t eat and read at the same time very often. Writing this makes me think though that I should take the time to at least get a hot cup of tea going when I know I am going to be reading for a while.

Do you have any favorite beverages or snacks that you like to have when you are reading? What am I missing out on? Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out The Reader’s AntidoteBooks Unbound and The Windy Pages to see what their answers are to today’s question.


2 Responses to “What Does the Bookworm Say?: Reading Snacks”

  1. Lucy

    I’m with you and don’t really think snacking and reading go together. I think I’d overeat if I was caught up in a book, just like eating too much popcorn at the movies. It always surprises me how many snacks people get for readathons and such!

    • fishgirl182

      I love eating popcorn at the movies. I don’t do it that often because I just want to eat the whole bucket, which is super bad for you.

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